What Do Rugby Players Wear?

Rugby players all wear a uniform when out on the field. This is what helps you identify what team each player is on and with a number on their backs, you can also identify each player during the match. It is important when it comes to rugby uniforms from the jerseys and shorts to the rugby socks, that they are made of the finest quality, being durable enough to withstand the beating they will get out on the field.

The first thing you will notice when it comes to any rugby kit, is that each player wears what are known as scrum shorts. These shorts are above the knee without any pockets. They are very durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear. Remember when out on the field, a player will have his or her shorts pulled on and tugged during the game. These scrum shorts are relatively tight fitting and are made from high quality material to reduce the risk of rips and tears during the game.

Then there is the rugby jerseys. Rugby jerseys are usually made from cotton, though these days you can choose a different material if you prefer. They have a collar and are usually the most colourful part of the uniform. The rugby jersey is where you can promote the team. Choose the rugby jersey based on the team colours. Usually you find that the collar is a different colour to the rest of the jersey. Some teams choose stripes, some choose a solid colour or something with a stripe down the size. In addition to this, the jersey usually has the players number on the back in large lettering, making the player visible to the spectators up in the stands.

All players wear rugby boots. These boots are specially designed for the sport, along with spikes underneath, this reduces the risk of the player slipping on the field when running or in a scrum with the other team. Boots must be chosen to fit perfectly. When it comes to these boots it is definitely worthwhile the players are fitted by a professional to reduce the risk of discomfort, blisters or even unnecessary injury.

Rugby socks are very important. They keep the lower leg warm and often work as a compression type sock during the match. Rugby socks are knee high and they often adorn the team colours, matching the jersey in that regard. They come up to the knee with a fold over and they need to be carefully selected for each player to ensure that they fit comfortably. This reduces the risk of them riding down or even bunching in the players boot.

All rugby players should be wearing a mouth guard when out on the field to protect their teeth at all times. While this is not a garment that they would wear, the mouth guard can protect the teeth, enabling the player to preserve their natural teeth now and moving forward.

Most rugby teams will also have their team tracksuits, along with their rugby socks, scrum shorts and jerseys. Their tracksuits are usually worn during practice and after each game. They put on the tracksuit over their uniform to keep their muscles warm and reduce the risk of illness or unwelcome injury.

It is very important when buying rugby socks and kits that you choose a reputable manufacturer, a company with a good reputation in the industry for providing quality garments made from the finest quality fabrics.

Source by Rosemary Carter

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