Tips on Non-Surgical Treatment For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins in simple terms are enlargement of veins. Varicose veins are also known as spider veins. These varicose veins derive their name from a Latin origin of the word called varix which means twisted. Yes twisted they are as they have more blood in them than needed.

The varicose veins generally occur because of some hereditary conditions or because of the weak veins. There are a variety of surgical and non surgical treatments available for the varicose veins. These varicose veins can be treated surgically causing them to not store more blood than needed and pump that into the heart.


People who have varicose veins should be particularly cautious if they are taking long flights. The reason for this is not very hard to fathom as the long flights mean sitting in a cramped space for long time and that means due to gravity the blood will start to accumulate in the lower part of the leg and the foot.


Generally the non surgical treatments are the compression socks which apply graduated pressure to your leg. The way they work is that you can buy the socks based on the amount of pressure you want to apply on the legs. That said you can buy these from specialized manufacturers as opposed to regular manufactures but yes you will get these from many online retailers.


These non surgical treatments costs may be covered by the insurance companies. You may need to check with your insurance companies if they will cover the costs of even such things as the compression stockings. In some cases varicose veins can cause swelling and bleeding as they become more blood thick. Insurance companies can generally cover the cost of treatment of these bleeding veins.


The other non surgical treatment for the varicose veins is shutting off the blood supply to the vein itself. That can be done by a procedure called Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy means that you inject a chemical called the sclerosing agent into the vein which will cause the blood to be stopped form coming into the vein. It is a simple treatment which can be done in the doctor’s office itself and there is no need for a surgery for this.


There are other treatments which are only of the surgical variety and these generally may not be covered by the insurance companies. You definitely need to check with your insurance carrier in case you need to get yourself surgically treated for varicose veins.

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