Dr. Katrina Schiavon is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who has a particular interest in women’s health, male and female reproductive wellness and digestive health. She believes in an integrative approach to treatment, where she is happy to work alongside other healthcare providers to achieve the greatest health outcomes for her patients. She uses comprehensive laboratory testing to guide treatment and better understand the root of their concerns. Her treatment protocols are individualized to each specific patient and include the following modalities:

      • Acupuncture
      • Botanical medicine
      • Clinical nutrition
      • Comprehensive laboratory testing
      • Lifestyle counselling
      • Nutraceuticals

Dr. Schiavon comes from an unconventional background. While working as an accountant, she developed an interest in Naturopathic Medicine and was drawn to the profession through a penchant for nourishing food, physical activity and time spent in the outdoors. She believes that prevention is the key to good health and endeavours to combine natural, science-based treatments into her patients’ integrative care. Dr. Schiavon also believes that patient education is essential for long-term wellbeing and empowers her patients to take control of their own health. She is dedicated to fostering a safe place for her patients to explore their health, discover the root cause of their illness and begin their wellness journey with confidence.

Dr. Schiavon graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in January 2021 where, during her clinical rotations, she had experience treating a variety of conditions. Dr. Schiavon’s specific areas of interest include:

      • Digestive concerns: bloating, food sensitivities, SIBO, IBS, IBD
      • Diabetes
      • Thyroid disorders
      • Skin conditions: acne, eczema, psoriasis
      • Women’s health concerns: infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), PMS, perimenopause, menopause
      • Weight management

Dr. Schiavon is also an educator for Atrium Innovations Inc., a leading North American manufacturer of professional-grade supplements. In this role, she delivers education on common medical conditions, treatment basics, and suggested product pairings to a diverse audience, including pharmacists, nutritionists, and health food store staff. She enjoys applying this knowledge with her clinical patients as well, following of one the core tenets of naturopathic medicine, “doctor as teacher”.

Dr. Schiavon’s hobbies include camping, cooking, and staying active through biking and hiking. She is a strong proponent of life balance, so you are equally likely to find her sampling natural wines and eating chocolate.