Custom Lacrosse Uniforms for You

Custom lacrosse uniforms are needed by lacrosse players that are as tough as them. The uniform highlights the team and what they stand for. Before designing a uniform, you should know about the official rules. Customize your shorts and team uniform with logos, colors, numbers and players’ names to attract more attention.

High School Lacrosse Uniform Rules:

  • Men’s lacrosse uniforms: The uniforms for men in high school consist of shirts, shoes and cleats, mouth guard, socks, gloves, shoulder pads, eye shield and helmet.
  • Numbers and colors: Colors of jerseys for high school must be a solid color. The colors of the visiting teams and home teams must contrast. If not, the responsibility for adjustment will be taken by the visiting team. In front, numbers on the jersey must be 8 inches high and 12 inches high on the back. Sweatpants and undergarments must be a solid color and all team members must have similar colors.
  • Women’s lacrosse uniforms: The uniforms and equipment for women in high school consist of shorts/kilt, socks, shirt, shoes with cleats, gloves, soft headgear, shoulder pads and mouth guard.
  • Numbers and colors: Colors of the visiting school and the home high school will be upon the coaches’ discretion. The number on the jersey must be 6 inches in height in the middle of the front part and 8 inches in height centered in back. Numbers on the kilt or shorts are optional, but it should match the number on the shirt. All the team members must wear the same color undergarments like white or the same as the uniform like black.

College Lacrosse Uniform Rules:

  • Men’s lacrosse uniforms: Lacrosse uniforms for men in college consist of shorts, jersey, shoulder pads, gloves, shoes, arm pads, mouthpiece, face mask and helmet. Goalkeepers require chest and throat protectors but not the arm and shoulder pads.
  • Colors and numbers: No solid color is required. The number on the jersey must be centered in the front at 10 inches of height and 12 inches high on the back. Sweatpants and compression shorts must be grey, solid white or the team color.
  • Women’s lacrosse uniforms: Lacrosse uniforms and equipment for women in college consist of shorts/kilts, socks, shirts, shoes and cleats, gloves, eye protection, soft headgear, and nose guards. The goalkeeper’s equipment and uniform consists of a throat protector, mouthpiece, padded gloves, face mask with helmet and chest protector. Padding on the shoulders, arms, and legs is recommended, but thickness should not exceed 1 inch.
  • Colors and numbers: Uniforms of team members must be identical, but the goalie is supposed to wear the same colors. The colors of the teams that are competing must contrast. If not, the adjustment will be made by the home team. Back and front portions of the shirt must be numbered 8 inches high on the back and 6 inches high centered in front. Undergarments must be in a solid color.

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